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Building Inspiring Industrial Clean Energy Solutions

LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available. The combustion of natural gas does not emit soot, fume or dust which not only cleaner for the environment, safer for the community but also reduces maintenance cost and down-time cycle of industrial equipment involved in the process. Using LNG as an energy source generates 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than fuel oil and 45% less than coal.

Tri-Gen Solution provides a complete solution utilizing LNG as a source of clean energy to diverse into various forms of output such as electricity, heat, steam and cooling. This makes our LNG energy solution very cost effective for industrial customers and public facilities located away from physical pipeline, who seek sustainable energy solution to support their long term growth.

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We look forward to developing long-term partnership with our client in perspectives of ROI strategy, high-end LNG equipment supply, on-site installation & conversion, utility power consumption analysis & forecast and development of mutually successful commercial contract.

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Take part to save our planet for the future generations by upgrading to advance integrated energy solutions and benefit from positive environmental impact, lower carbon footprint, increased energy efficiency & cost saving.

Feasibility Study & ROI Analysis

We work with our clients to develop return on investment and feasibility study based on their future plan and historical energy usage.

Feasibility Study is a very important initial process of any successful GTP or co-generation project. Now potential customers can benefit from our complete service to conduct an initial feasibility and return on investment analysis. Being able to create feasible investment model, construction & conversion plan in advance saves tremendous amount of time and provide secure future investment on high-value and long-term implementation project.

Contact us today to make your trouble-free entry into your successful sustainable clean energy implementation project!

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Site Energy Audition

Our clean energy engineer visits the clients’ site to develop thorough on-site equipment installation & conversion plan, including any possible site issues.

Having your site inspected inside-out is very essential to a reliable and sustainable future implementation project. Our site inspection engineer will conduct a very detail data collection and analysis of every related equipment, their existing power consumption, efficiency and potential issues. In order to derive a comprehensive engineering proposal covering accurate return on investment & other financial outcomes, environmental impact and total project investment plan. This service will allow you to make a very smart and informed investment decision for your smart long-term energy solutions.

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Front End Engineering Design

Engineering team develop detail engineering design of necessary system integration, this includes efficiency & safety compliances.

Our engineering team provides a complete scope of front end engineering design service, as part of our one-stop complete life-cycle solutions. Financial analysis from the “ROI & Feasibility Service” defines the project financial goals and ROI guideline while data from the “Site Audit Service” provides clear visibility to develop engineering solutions tailored specifically to each customer’s needs. Our engineering team is very friendly, they speak very concise and easy-to-understand technical terms which make them very easy to work with.

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Local Regulatory Compliance & Endorsement

Regulations and permits play major roles in successful implementation, on-time project schedule and eligibility of qualified TAX program.

Our project team will assist the customers with complicated and time-consuming paperwork and legal documentation processes. No more wasting time!

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Contractor Services For Construction & Installation

Our qualified service and installation contractors give our clients peace of minds that all scopes of work will be cost effective and being handled with quality.

We provide a complete solution from civil work to proper installation and commissioning to ensure that all systems and their components run smoothly, safely and efficiently throughout their life cycles. A total peace of mind to our consumers that everything will be very well taken care of.

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Maintenance & Repair Operation

Maintenance and repair operation is the key component of our complete service life cycle. Our field engineer pays a regular visit to our customers’ site to ensure that every preventive counter-measure and routine inspection is handled effectively as well as those within regular maintenance schedule.

Successful MRO is essential to our customers’ long-term growth and sustainable operation. Tri-Gen Solution offers several MRO plans and services which our customers can select to suit their own particular needs. Contact us today to explore our MRO solutions that will enhance your productivity and excellence in operability!

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Data Analytics & AI Assisted Demand Forecast

Our innovative real-time data telemetry system provides constant reliability & safety monitoring and advance analytics for future demand forecast.

Available later in 2020, our online data telemetry system will be built-in on each critical on-site equipment to provide real-time data collection for future analytics capability. Advance data analytics and AI assisted forecast will provide accurate visibility to all of our customers’ total strategic control to their future sustainable growth.

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Our Corporate Partners

Our long-term success comes from strong cooperation & partnership with our fellow institutional investors, EPCs, qualified vendors, service providers and most importantly our corporate customers.

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At Tri-Gen Solution we’re committed to providing reliable and sustainable integrated energy solutions to our customers and the world we all live in.